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14th. Jul, 2006 | 01:31 pm

Hello all!

I have decided to chage my journal. My new one is called chris_kr. The idea is that it will be my final one, never to be re-started or whatever again!

Anyway, if you want to remain my eLJay buddy, please add it... look, I've even put a link so you can do it at the click of a button!


Thank y'all!

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14th. Jul, 2006 | 11:47 am

Me and Jenny went to see the Pipettes wednesday night. T'was pretty cool. I liked the songs that they did at the end of the set best - especally their theme song (they're the prettiest girls you've ever met). And the dance routine thing was cool too. As usual I took some pictures (not of the support bands this time because they were pretty shite)...

The Rest

And look ^^^ we saw Woolies there, but he is allowed in the front bit because he is a proper photographer type person. Why do I know so many photographers? It is all somewhat strange.

There are no good gigs for a while... how sad is that? I shall just have to swap my regular gigging with clubbing extravaganzas instead... provided there is somewhere to go.

Last night I got hyper on mango juice (mangos... mangos make me think of Apocalypse Now) and thought of a genius superhero dress to make. I will maybe get supplies for it later, I need to get some yummy food anyway (mainly carbs; wierdly I am completely out of potatoes and noodles and I want to get some couscous too... oh and maybe some sweet potatoes yummm - I am weird).

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12th. Jul, 2006 | 01:31 pm

Hello everyone.

On Sunday night me and Kenny went to see Skindred. Supporting were Hate Manual and Chao:sphere who were ok in a funny local band kind of way and rather noisey and hairy respectively. And no, I couldn't work out what the colon in Chao:sphere was all about either; Kenny suggested it meant they were either geniuses and we just didn't get it, or... Sadly I suspect that the 'or' option is probably the correct one.

Skindred were a beast (as we often say in Glasgow) and even 100 times better than I'd expected them to be too. For those not in the know, Skindred are a metal/ drum and bass band so much dancing was had by all. Also Benji, the rather notorious singer, rather man-handled Kenneth's head, as well as giving him "a wiggle" as Kenny had suggested.

We met Raymond who was there with his uncle at the gig, which is probably the most alarming thing that has happened to me in a while. It wasn't all bad though, he paid for us to get a taxi home... not that I'd have minded walking. You can recognise his curly mop head in a few of the pictures with crowd in them.

The Rest

On Monday morning I got a letter from Kirsty which was groovy in the max (the internet is all well and good but a real-life letter is something else!). I wrote her one back since my whole body was in agony from the night before and it was about the only thing I was fit for. I shall indeed send it soon.

Oh and on Monday I also read The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things by J.T. LeRoy which was really good. It's mainly a sort-of prequel to Sarah but it sort of gives you a bit of what happened afterwards too - though I don't suppose you really need that sort of thing in books like thses but it was nice all the same.

Yesterday I didn't do much; mainly cooking - a super yummy vegetable stew with meatballs and the old classic lemon kebabs - and a bit of messing around on my sewing machine. I made Ava a super-short black mini dress from a large tshirt I got free with some tshirt transfers - which she gratefully accepted this morning. I also watched My Own Private Idaho again - I guess I was in the mood for it after The Heart Is Deceitful... from the day before. That's a cool movie.

Today I've not done much apart from this. I got up ridiculously late! I also obv put my Skindred pics on the net... so now we're pretty much back to where I started from.

I'm going to see the Pipettes tonight with Jenny - hopefully it shall be quite cool. Today I am wearing shorts with tights and boots because I am a punk rocker... I think I may put on a belt though because I am ridiculously skinny.

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I've told every little star just how cute I think you are.

5th. Jul, 2006 | 01:03 pm
Music: Amen - Sorry, Not Sorry

Hello dear readers. Are you ready for another installment of my exciting life? Then lets begin...

Me and Jenny were out at the Buff last night, which was fun. There was a guest DJ so it could've been better but the music was still pretty danceable. Also some wird guy asked me if Jenny was my girlfriend despite the fact we were dancing about two feet away from each other and were not providing any other hits that we were. I found the entire situation hillarious (as I have with pretty much every other situation lately) - it was a funtastic night.

On the way home I took some pictures of seagulls as there was rather an abundance of them (attracted by drunk clubber types). Now my legs hurt (we did walk home afterwards - I got home about 4.30 when the street lights were beginning to switch off) and I'm a bit tired but still merry as ever. And I've already been to the superdoopermarket this morning which I think is pretty impressive.

I had to get Ava Munch Bunch yogurts from the shops - she's already eaten five of them and is now playing the Sims downstairs. I asked her if it is normal that we sing along to the music in the Sims but she said it completely is.

The Rothsea holiday is set for the first week in August and should be hillarious in the max. And of course I will be able to take lots of souvenier photographs of the Victorian loos (though it is only the gents so I shall have to sneak in again). Perhaps I will be able to get some classic 'Ava and Caitlin pretending to have a slash' shots. Mum said "Izzy will be able to play with a bucket and spade on the beach" and I said "What, the one with all the dead seagulls on it that Peanut (our dog) kept throwing up on last time?". She didn't say anything after that.

Speaking of my mum, she told me an absolutely grotesque story about this woman in her work (well, acually she was working agency in an A&E ward) last week who actually did 'dig for fire' as discribed in the Pixies song of the same name. Oh why must she tell me so many tales of nursing life? Sure, some of them are quite funny about people going mental and throwing vases around but in the main they are just horrible and frightening.

I wish there was an Amen gig comming up - I really want to go to one again... it's been too long. Oh, I'm also obsessed with singing 'Every Little Star' by Linda Scott lately which I originally heard on Mulholland Drive (the best bit with with Justin Theroux!) but it's a cool song - so sweet.

I may go over and visit my humble Vati later, and Cara of course. I would say Teresa too but she doesn't finish work until 7pm so I haven't seen her since Christmas tyme.

Me and Jenny are both slightly terrified of Kirsty's chosen birthday venue (Madness Theatre of Fun). We have agreed to both definately go and be each other's moral support. I have already decided to cope with the situation by completely throwing myself into it with full gusto and taking lots of incriminating photos. Kirsty, you have been warned! (Pull the string!, ect.)

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1st. Jul, 2006 | 02:40 pm
Mood: okaysnotty
Music: The Guess Who - American Woman

Toady I am allergic to the world apparently. I amanaged to get some hayfever medicine today down Byers Rd so I'm alredy feeling a bit better (I think the fish finger sandwich I had for lunch helped a bit too).

I'm also feeling majorly more cheery than I was last time I updated this thing - which is always a good thing.

Birthday extravaganzas!! Yesterday was my Gran's birthday - social event of the summer... not. Mainly she slept though the whole thing, Mum was cooking in the kitchen and shouting at Ava and I was trying to stop Izzy from wrecking the place. Ava did make me laugh quite a lot though when she exclaimed "Holy Grail!" when Mum gave her some riduculously long last of tasks to do.

Ava and Caitlin decided to show Andrew their infamous video the other day. The poor boy! Later they made him wear plastic bags on his feet and laughed when he fell over in the garden. Ava has finaly decided to let Raymond see it... but not until he's drunk, which is probably for the best really. It wouldn't be so bad if we had been able to completely tape over the 'Holiday Inn' dance routine (otherwise known as "the porno") - suddenly cutting back into it is definately the most unpleasant part of being made to watch the bloody thing.

The other day I got a pair of shorts from Miss Selfridge in the sale. I'm going to have to take them in a bit and they're only a size six! Oh why do no clothes fit me?

I mailed a letter for Kirsty on Thursday (think that's sad? I wrote the bloody thing on Monday morning!). Me and Kenneth might go and see Skindred next week too since I wanted to see Billy Talent with Jenny on Wednesday but it was sold out (of course).

Me and Jenny are going out at some point next week instead (either Tuesday or Wednesday night), probably to the Buff since Jenny likes it there and I am so far past caring what music any given place is playing as long as I can dance to it. Although, I must say that the state of the club scene in this city is ridiculous given that there are so many places to go and someone whith tastes as eclectic as mine has trouble finding a pace to go.

Speaking of which, I've had this ridiculous medley of Boston - 'More Than A Feeling', Salt N Pepa - 'Push It' and The Guess Who - 'American Woman' stuck in my head all week - as anyone who has been around me will know since I've been singing them constantly.

So, as you can see: all in all, another eventful week. All I can say is roll on the Rothsea holiday - at least I know it will be a bit of a laugh.

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All There Is

21st. Jun, 2006 | 02:26 pm
Mood: coldcold
Music: Rites Of Spring (Eugene Kelly used to like Rites Of Spring!)

Jason made me do this because he is a smell...

Meme me, baby.
Ask me a question about each of the following:

- Friends
- Sex
- Music
- Drugs
- Love
- Livejournal

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential. Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked!

...In other news...
I'm off to see my dad today which will be quite groovy (and not obviously ungroovy) as I have not seen him for an age and a half. I got his Father's Day/ birthday prezzie (why are so many dad's birthdays around father's day?) After much deliberation I decided on a Coen Brothers box set (The Big Lebouski, ect.) which I hope he will love and cherish (and hopefully like more than I did because I'm a picky pain in the arse - not that they are bad, just not really my thing), at least as much as Kirsty's dad enjoyed his new slippers.

I want to go to the beach again (East Coast this time) so I can take Izzy but it's been too cold and horrible lately (it's raining even now). I may attempt to rescue the fishing nets from my dad's place today while I am over, along with my Buck65 CD which he has had for a good few months now - in fact I even had a dream that he didn't know who it belonged to and gave it away to one of the guys in his work last week.

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It's more than love, and it's less than love, It's what I give to you.

20th. Jun, 2006 | 03:18 pm
Mood: okayFine
Music: MC Lars

Last week we (me, Jason and Kirsty) went to the beach (at Luss). It was a groovy day and super sunny so Kirsty and Jason got all sunburnt and I didn't because the are smelly and don't run around at the beach like a fool like I do. I played with a friendly dog and also took asome pictures. It looks less sunny in them thatn it actually was.

The PicsCollapse )

Me and Kirsty also went to see Eugene and Frances at the ABC last night. It was groovy. The first guy on (Pictish Trail) was pretty ok too - or at least better than you might expect given the name and the fact that the firt thing he said was "I've just spilled water down myself". Both Eugene and Frances were good - though Eugene's stuff was more my and Kisrty's style. He even had a song about that book shop that used to be on Byers Road (the one that has the wooden Thomas the Tank Engine in it for all the kids to play on) which is now a Starbucks. That was cool. Oh yeah, and they did some Vaselines tracks at the end - that was pretty good too. There are no picturese of that though 'cos I dunno where my camera is. It will turn up eventually - probably in the washing machine or something. Isn't it always the way?

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Girl U Want

9th. Jun, 2006 | 09:59 am
Mood: sleepysleepy

Well, better update the journal since I haven't done it in a while. To be honest, it feels like I've hardly done anything worth writing about - therefore this will probably end up being an incredibly long entry, though rather rambley.

Currently I am at college since someone (Graham) told me we had to come in today for some unknown reason. I couldn't really be bothered asking what time to come in so I decided to aim for 9.30 so I would either be a bit late for comming in at 9 or a bit early for comming in at 10. Turns out we were supposed to turn up at 11.45. So I'm sitting chatting to Kirsty (who turned up even earlier than me) and "surfing the web" as Graham puts it to kill some time.

So, lets see... what's been going on? Well, Tuesday night was the exhibition 'private functon'. I think my mum enjoyed it (it's the sort of thing Mums enjoy I guess) and I think ava and Izzy liked running up and down the corridor. There was free wine after all (Kirsty, you shoulda been there!) so there was a good few drunk individuals (Matt kept giggling during the prizegiving speech thing). It was quite nice to see the work for other classes (and other people in mine). I really liked some of the illustration stuff - it was really well done and bright and eyecatching - but I suppose that is the nature of the beast, illutrative work generally is more decorative than graphics. It also depends on the topics and briefs you have as I know all too well from both this course and my art & design one.

One of the graphic design students has little labels stuck on bottles they had bought - it reminded me of my Madrid mug which I made when we did graphic design in the art & design course. I liked that mug, it was a really simple but cool idea.

Oh good, Lawrence has turned up, and that girl from the first year who is always here - hurrah!

On sunday night (I think it was sunday anyway), I went for a walk with Jenny. That was really groovy - she is my besterest friend. I get to talk with Jenny about my favourite things and we agree on what other people might see as rather random topics; like how children shouldn't be dressed in clothing with writing on it or how Neil will be respected by kids when he gets old. Afterwards we ended up back at Jennys. Carmen came in to hang out with us for a while and complained about Jenny's music. Eventually I left with a carrier bag with a selection of my and Jenny's stuff that the was either lending me or had been lending from me for a rather long time. I must lend her Devo - almost everyone likes Devo but she has only heard one song (alas).

Ava went to see Deftones last night - I hope she had a good time. The deftones used to be awesome but they went rather down the pan after the White Pony and Chino started putting more energy into Team Sleep. Last time they played here (just after the s/t album came out) it was at the SECC but this time it was at the Carling Academy. If anything, the smaller venue probably made it a better gig. I wanted to see Team Sleep when they were here but I never had the chance.

Kirsty is comming over tomorrow. She's going back to England soon! (boo, hiss) Therefore we shall have to do lots of hanging out until then... and then when she is gone, she will miss me and wish she had never left me for a fancy job... maybe. I'm glad she does stuff like this though - she's an interesting cat!

I have a dry bit of skin on my wrist - I must have a bathing, moisturising and glueing extravaganza tonight!

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I said guys I'm like you, I like monster trucks too. Wanna see how many push-ups I can do?

31st. May, 2006 | 08:25 pm

Burr, burr, burlap! Isn't that a cool word?

Currently, I'm printing my stuff out for the college exhibition... which I would like to point out seems really wierd to me. There isn't much space on the boards so we have to scan all our lovely drawings and paintings from first year and then print them out again slightly smaller... and there's only one colour printer in the room at college - and that one's also hooked up to the scanner so everyone wanting to either print or scan has to wait for ages to use this one computer. This is why I am having to do mine at home... well, it has to be finished tomorrow, that's why I'm doing it at home but y'know what I mean.

They gave us out those questionnaires that they give to all the students at the end of every year to say how good they thought the college was... hahahhaahahahaha...

Yeah, so the exhibition is next week, and Kirsty, if you are reading this; you are very welcome to come but if you still want to get drunk on free booze and cause a scene, I think you'll have to supply your own wine. Me and Lisa are ' in charge' of looking after the exhibition next thursday - good grief.

...I remember my last exhibition. My main attraction was a series of skulls - that was pretty rad (one was made from loo roll). I remember it was funny because some kids didn't get anything in the exhibition ('cos their stuff was crap) but Steven Black did even though he dropped out months earlier. Ah Steven, I havn't seen him in ages - which is strange because I used to meet him absolutely everywhere. I don't believe I've met a stranger individual.

So what else have I been doing? Sweet F. bloody A. is sadly the answer. At least I'm not sick anymore. I allways forget when I've been ill and get really annoyed at myself because I think I've just been lazy (which admittedly, I also am).

Just little things have been going on lately really; me and Matt arguing about if the mac mouses have buttons or not, me and Jenny planning to see Sleater-Kinney tonight but it was sold out (it's okay because the Pipettes and Frances and Eugene are comming up), that Euan kid shouting "What's wrong with you?" at me because I went the the Chimaira gig and didn't stay to see Chimaira, I added the legendary Rhona McGill on MySpazz... other stuff like that I can't remember.

Anyway, I'm finished printing my college stuff, maybe I'll post it at somepoint next week while the exhibition is on since I went to all the bother of scanning it and all... maybe.

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(no subject)

26th. May, 2006 | 02:06 pm
Mood: okayok

I read something really lovely today - and it was about me! - and it was written by Ava!!

On the heroes section of her MySpace she wrote:

My Big Sister, Chris- She Is Such The Best Coz She Is Cool And Still Individual. You Can Talk To Her About Mostly Anything And She Will Understand.

How sweet is that? It's under a section about Courtney Love, but even so... I don't know where she is right now, apparently she and Mum had an argument so she's keeping out of the way. (edit: she's at Caitlin's)

I felt so much better when I got up this morning. I was feeling a bit better yesterday too but I was still really tired with college and all. My client stuff is all done and dusted. Graham was narky (when is he not?) because it did not all fit on to one disc so I had to burn one with each version of the animation on it - it's not my fault, if he gave us DVD discs like I use then it would all fit on nicely. I love the way Matt tries to share his wisdom with me at college - and I always know his so-called helpful tip allready. Yesterday he was showing me how Photoshop was being extra clever by automaticly picking the layer that he wanted to use until I pointed out that he had the 'auto layer' box checked.

...He still claims the best thing he learned all year was when I showed him the 3D Boolean thing in Carrara (when you join together or take two shapes away from each other). Later, Stu was chatting to everyone in class and just as he was finishing, Jamie walked in and said "Is he talking about putting zips in himself again?" and sadly it was true.

I have some chewing gum that tastes funny but it might just be because I have the cold. Raymond says it tastes normal but what does he know? I had to let him in to use the phone and let him borrow £2 to get a taxi home because he was all wet and pathetic after playing football. Frighteningly, he has just shared this nugget of entertainment with me:

Aye, aye. 'Ere, 'ere. Nosey, nosey. Cheeky, cheeky. Moustache you a question?

... I really do worry about that child.

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No cars, no accidents

25th. May, 2006 | 02:13 pm

This room is so ridiculously hot. The one upstairs is always so cold. That is life I suppose.

To be honest, I havn't done much other than go to college and sleep lately. Oh, I did some random drawing in my sketchbook too and stuck in a cool picture I found of Refused dressed up in Wild West-type clothing (for some reason).

Currently I am in a que for Graham's computer (the only one with an industry version of Director) which is why I am trying to kill some time. I am second to a burning disc, apparently.

Lisa has just come in (with her classic timing) and given me a CD so I can listen to trancey, dancey music now! I still have to make one for her, and Jenny... in fact, I may very well just have a CD making extravaganza in the near future.

I have been in high demand this week/ weekend, which is annoying because I still feel dreadful. I am feeling better every day though so maybe I'll be back to my normal, shiney (less snotty) self in not too long. Tomorrow I plan to sleep - that'll be nice... these sort of plans rarely go smoothly though.

Lately I've been thinking about Renegades by Rage Against The Machine - no particular reason why, the topic has just sort-of been stuck in my head. Renegades is a really good album - all the songs are great, but (and I havn't heard all of the originals so this is rather a sweeping statement) but the originals of the songs are usually better and I feel like something is always lost by RATM covering them. Like 'Beautiful World', the original fun irony of the song is completely lost by the mellow-dramatic delivery in the cover. And surely that was the point? Devo's quirky sound is what makes them "renegades" in the first place... so they take that away when they do an ode of respect to them? The same can be said (possibly to a lesser extent) of 'In My Eyes'; the music may be better but the rawness is lost. I adore Ian MacKaye's vocal performance on that track just too much. Similar things can be said of other songs on that album to the extent that the enire concept of 'Renegades' confuses me slightly... though it is a good album. Wow, this was a bit of a rant I guess. I don't know why things like this stick in my head so much in the first place... just the way I am.

I got some stuff back off Daphne today (at long last). She said that she liked my writing style (in my essay) and I should try writing storys for Izzy.


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These are the words you wish you wrote down, this is the way you wish your voice sounds...

22nd. May, 2006 | 11:26 am
Mood: okayokay

The was an old man in the news who won the lottery and gave all his money away, mainly to friends and family. Out of all the money, he only kept £8.50 for himself which he spent on a rabbit - aww.

Feeling a lot better today in my vaguely more medicated state - though I still have this horrible cough (I'm not even sure what it's connected with) which is really tickily but makes my throat really sore. It took me a while to get to sleep last night because it was so painful but even this is better today than it was yesterday.

I don't know what seems to happen to the weekends - they seem to zip by. This is even more shocking since I have Fridays off so the kind of merge their way into an extended weekend. Sadly, from the vague memories I have from this past weekend, all my time seems to be spent on mundane tasks like going to the supermarket, dying Ava's hair or buying Izzy new shoes. I think I was drawing and sewing at somepoint too. The worst part always comes on Sunday afternoons when I realise that is in fact Sunday and not Saturday as I had assumed.

Anyhoo, I must get going to college (joy of joys!). I'm going to attempt to do the finishing touches to my live project today before it is given to the client later this week (technically it has already passed).

I love how knowing all the words to Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades by Brand New is Kenneth and Megan's most guilty secret.

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Do you ever wonder where it is you're wandering?

20th. May, 2006 | 07:25 pm
Mood: crankyHayfevery
Music: Ava is playing Hole

Earlier on I went on a walk because it was nice and raining and I needed to go to the shops. An old man was zooming along the street in his sports car (there's a bowling club on our street) and the whole road smelled like petrol.

Chris from college (Matt's friend) smells like petrol and varnish and all those other smells that you're not supposed to smell because he does a fine art course. The end stairwell on the 5th floor smells like that too, perhaps thats where his classroom is. We hadn't seen him for ages but then again we've been working hard and not taking breaks I guess. He has a new band now.

Jenny thinks I should sell my Fables comics since I don't really like them that much. I have no.s 1, 3 & 4. She says number one is worth £15 and the others would be worth slightly less. I suppose thats not bad since I only paid 50p for each of them.

In order to relieve a hangover, Ava and Caitlin have been dressing up as aliens today. At least it seems to have cheered her up a bit. They're staying in to watch the Eurovision tonight because Caitlin isn't allowed to go the Cathouse because she has an ear infection. They also made a MySpace for Peanut. Now I am P's friend. :)

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Ask about the history and the middle classes...

19th. May, 2006 | 04:22 pm
Mood: geekygeeky
Music: Kinison

I've been at Ava's house dying her hair since about 1pm. It's almost finished thankfully. Colin was here earlier too feeding everyone Tasters (anyone ever noticed that those sweets are slightly crispy on the outside? What's with that?). But he went away about an hour ago with Gibson (Darn).

I've been incerdibly studius lately and actually doing college work and not going on the internet (much) or anything. It all seems to be paying off too since the end of the couse seems definately in sight. And I havn't even got much to do! Bits and bobs and mounting work for the exhibition and the like... and industrial context studies *sigh*. I really must stop forgetting about that (even though I would like to). I should do it this weekend to get it out the way - I wounder if I will...

I have to change a few mistakes in my essay for typography. Daphne asked me to go and see her yesterday afternoon. I went down at some point after two but Scott was already there so I went down again forty minuites later and she was still talkimg to him! I love how this would surprise me with any lecturer other than Daphne. I tried again at half three but she was gone (even though she said she wasn't leaving til four).Why does this always happen? It just better not be another Technical Authorship-esque fandango.

I've been singing Area 53 by the Kinison all day (between joining in with Ava on Rhythm Is A Dancer). I never knew 'til recently that they split. Every band I like splits... though to be fair most of them have broken up before I even get to hear them... bloody hardcore bands.

My Neighbour Totoro was namechecked in Love and Rockets X which I was reading t'other day! Honestly, this series work by these writers it so suspicously perfect for me - it's all about alternative girls and strong female role models and punk rock and mexican wrestling and '80s subculture and the real world because, to be honest, every other comic about fantasy and superheros and stuff like that bores me half to death. Oh, and the fact that it runs in real time is the most genius and perfect touch - in fact I woud say that it really makes the comic.

When I first started reading L&R I really liked Jaime's drawing style and obv was drawn to the Maggie/ Hopey, Izzy stuff. In comparison I could give or take Beto's stories really (maybe because I wasn't so keen on Me For The Unknown, I dunno) but now I also love the Luba/ Palomar stuff as much as Locas. In fact wierdly my favourite seems to be whichever one I'm reading at the time. I also completely love the revelations I keep comming across because I started reading vol.2 first, then went back to vol.1 like my latest the-cute-little-girl-called-Killer-is-Guadalupe (my favourite Palomar kid)'s-daughter.

Wow, it feels wierd to be so engrossed - at least I'm not watching Big Brother I guess.

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We're gonna have a tv party tonight, allright!

12th. May, 2006 | 02:00 pm
Mood: groggyhappy/sleepy
Music: Anti-Flag

Wow, so last night's two-gigs-in-the-one-night plan went off without a hitch! I was dubious about pulling it off to be honest since the Anti-Flag gig I was going to second actually started earlier than the Sound Of The Underground tour thing.I reallly wanted to see Terror but I could take or leave most of the other bands at the SOTU tour to be honest. They finished their set at a couple of minuites to nine, I got the bus at 9.04 and got to the Garage (where the Anti-Flag gig was) at about ten past nine! As I got in they were just doing the band intro thing - how randomly perfect was that? And I didn't have to watch any of the shadier suppost acts (including The Unseen - are they like the only punk band in Scotland or something? They support everyone! It wouldn't be so bad if they were actually good.).

I was home again by 10.30, and slightly flabbergasted about how well the whole thing had gone.

The same can't be said about Jenny's birthday picnic which has been thrown into disorganisation again with Jenny getting a job and having to work on Saturday. Of course I'm happy to work out some other time to fit it in and obviously I'm thrilled about Jen getting a new job, I just hope we get to celebrate her birthday at somepoint actually near her birthday.

Instead on Saturday night Kirsty is coming over for a "tv party" of the sort discribed by Black Flag. I am also going to wow her by creating a biscuit with icing inspired by Vince from the Mighty Boosh in his mirrorball suit. It shall be genius!

gig pics from last nightCollapse )

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(no subject)

11th. May, 2006 | 09:33 am
Mood: creative(Mr) Hoppy
Music: Anti-Flag

My childminder is sick so I'm on a forced skive from college.

I havn't updated much lately because I've been rather boring and had nothing to write about - how tragic is that?

I've been hanging out with Ava quite a lot lately. She's off school because she is on exam leave so she, Raymond Caitlin, Colin, Andrew, Shona, ect have been round rather a lot. I don't know why, most of them are a year younger than Ava and should therefore be in school and Colin doesnt start his exam leave until thursday (or so I'm told).

Me and Ava went down Byers Road the other day on a DVD buying extravaganza. I got Ava Howl's Moving Castle because she bullied me into it and also is going to pay me back most of the money. I also got Battle Royale (Ava's suggestion, and also I hadn't seen it I guess) and Elephant. Battle Royale is okay, though maybe not quite as good as I expected it to be. It's good for a brainless, don't-have-to-think-about-it type film for relaxing to. I thought it might be bloodier but I'm glad it wasn't. I really liked Elephant - I'd been wanting to see it for ages and thought it was really cool. Bits of it keep popping into my head - it's quite strange really.

I'm still trying to organise Jenny's birthday picnic. I think I've narrowed down a time and date but it's not easy when mum isn't around to talk to so I don't even know when I'm going to be busy myself.

She goes on holiday on Monday. It's quite funny because it means she enjoys a break from us (and work, gran, ect) but we enjoy a break from her possibly even more.

The gig extravaganza is tonight - ay! If I am still alive, I'll post some pictures from it next time.

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Darla, they've brought your eggs into my kitchen

6th. May, 2006 | 04:16 pm

The Terror (Sounds of the Underground Tour) gig is next week. I should get tickets soon I guess.

It's not as sunny today as it was yesterday - I'm still wearing shorts though, just slightly longer ones.

I think I'll have a bath later.

I'm so mixed up about what day it is at the weekend. Maybe it's because last week I was really confused because I was in college on Friday and felt like I'd lost a day.

Earlier Ava kept making me watch System Of A Down videos and arguing about which members of the band were hot (none of them... but at a push, Daron).

Oh yeah, she has also discovered that the postman (who also apparently is hot) likes System Of A Down too. Needless to say, she told Raymond (or Raymor) and he was thrilled.

I found Plamen (the "gay icon") and Neil on MySpazz.

I can't be bothered writing anymore, not that I've written anything with much meaning so far... I feel vaguely grumpy and I don't know why.

I think Darla by Why? is a groovy song. Like really sweet.

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I am not zen, I'm calm like a city killer.

4th. May, 2006 | 11:03 am
Location: college
Mood: amusedamused
Music: Genius mixture of Amen and alt. hip-hop (mainly Anticon)

Shoop, shoop.

When I was waiting for the bus today a middle aged woman came up to me and told me she thought my hair was "beautiful" which was really nice, if mildly alarming. On the bus there was an old woman who kept putting her glasses on upside down which was quite funny. Then I saw two women actually dancing in merryment and that made me really happy.

As I am a powerfully dedicated individual I think I will go home instead of going to class this afternoon. I feel like I write that almost every time I update from college but it really is the most boring thing ever and I don't always go home... sometimes my plans are thwarted.

I love how everone in class is usually using at least two computers each - we are so hard working when we put our minds to it... either that or the computers in this college are just bloody useless (hmmm).

I've been looking for Startled By His Furry Shorts because I heard it is out already but I can't seem to find it anywhere - boo. I'm also having trouble finding Death Of Speedy - Speedy doesn't actually die does he? No, don't tell me, I want to find out for myself. Wow, how sad/ geeky am I? And isn't it just great?

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Could it be dangerous; art as a real threat?

3rd. May, 2006 | 01:41 pm
Location: college
Mood: blahflangov

Ho, ho, ho... still so tired. Actually, I felt better this morning but by the break this morning I was already exhausted again.

We started a new project thingy this morning. As I suspected, there doesn't seem to be that much to it (thank goodness).

Was out with Kirsty last night at the Oran Mor. It was okay. To be honnest, I'd hoped the music would be better. They were playing the likes of Daft Punk, Beck, Deltron/ Del The Funky Homosapien, the Blood Brothers... nothing particularly bad but then again, not particularly inspirational to dance to either. There were two bands playing which meant things perhaps took longer to get livened up than they might usually. The plan is to go back maybe in a couple of weeks when there are no bands on and everything might be more settled in before we write the place off entirely.

All in all, it was quite an okay night - a not particularly exciting club made decent by good company (much like when I was out with Jen and Amy whenever it was a while ago). I stepped in a big splashy puddle on my way there which was both very funny and very fun (I was wearing my sliver sandals so my feet dried quite swiftly); we did slightly mocking impersonations of the few people who were dancing; we managed to not get lost inside the Oran Mor (for once!) and we had chips afterwards. Overall, I wold say that the night could benefit from party rings.

My hair's starting to get long again (in a manner of speaking). I can properly run my fingers through the stuff at the back now. Some of the dyed bits are starting to need re-done but then again, I quite like it that way - it seems to add to my general scruffy style.

It's lovely and sunny again today, though unexectedly windy - therefore another day of trying to avoid knickerflashing extravaganzas.

I've started Jenny's poster. I had to do it on mount board because I wanted to paint it but couldn't be bothered stretching paper. Slightly obviously, this may render the finished article impossible to actually fix to a wall but *meh*, that won't be my problem, will it?

I decided that I really don't have time to think of something completely origional to do for it so (not wanting to give too much away) it will be "inpired" by already existing work of a Japanese artist and the idea will be that the poster itself will be within the principles and ideas that the original artworks are supposed to portray. Or that's the plan anyway, cool huh?

Originally, I was going to base it on work by the same artist but have a more social slant on the state of Japanese culture but most of his stuff with that kind of accent is mainly in the form of sculpture and installations so it wasn't really going to work, which was a shame really but I'm happy to follow the current plan. Wow, I'm like some kind of art person *shudders*.

I think I'll skive and read Las Mujeres Perdidas in class this afternoon instead of doing any work.

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Kiss and Kill Your Boyfriend

1st. May, 2006 | 01:13 pm
Mood: crazyRandom
Music: Iggy Pop - Fix Me

Ho, it is one of those days you spend laughing at nothing... then I got hiccups.

My hands are all dry after the cleaning the lipstick off the stairs marathon I've just endured - damn Izzy...

Spent most of yesterday sleeping, reading and watching a small amount of tv. Mainly though I was still so tired after the exhaustion of last week. On the upside, I got Caitlin to make me some breakfast (they were using my food after all) but the usual posse (Caitlin, Raymond, Andrew, Colin and Adam) were up and I couldn't handle their noisyness so I left quite soon after that.

Isn't it funny when unfunny things are really funny? - I have just shared this infinate wisdom with Ava. I am so knowlegabe. She has just found a Shout magazine.

No sign of Perfect Blue yet though.

According to Avas magazine, my "ideal rock lad" is Justin Hawkings from the Darkness - I may as well curl up and die now.

... On the next page was an agony aunt problem with the heading "What's This Discharge" and that set me off laughing again *tragedy*.

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